• Dr. Grohe is an optometrist in private practice in Illinois and is affiliated with the Wheaton Eye Clinic. He specializes in patients with medical conditions such as keratoconus and extreme astigmatism that require complex contact lens fitting. Dr. Grohe earned his optometry degree at the Illinois College of Optometry.

    Dr. Grohe serves as an assistant professor of clinical ophthalmology at Northwestern University Medical School and is the director of the Contact Lens Clinic Resident Rotation there. He is also a clinical FDA study investigator for Allergan, Bausch & Lomb, and Ciba Novartis, among others.

    Dr. Grohe has authored and coauthored a text and numerous textbook chapters on contact lenses. He has lectured extensively and given many presentations to schools of medicine and optometry, professional organizations, and industry, locally and internationally.