By Elvio Ferreira, Jr., MD; Jorge Henrique Cavalcante Tavares, MD; Jonas Rufino Neto, MD; Mario Henrique Camargos de Lima, MD
    Video Journal of Cataract, Refractive & Glaucoma Surgery
    Cataract/Anterior Segment, Complications, Mature Cataract

    Drs. Elvio Ferreira Junior, Jorge Henrique Cavalcante Tavares, Jonas Rufino Neto and Mario Henrique Camargos de Lima from Brazil present a dramatic case of anterior capsular rupture. The 63-year-old patient had a very dense cataract. During enlargement of the paracentesis, the blade inadvertently entered the anterior capsule. Unaware of this, the surgeon ends up injecting viscoelastic inside the capsule, beneath the anterior capsule, causing an iatrogenic Argentinian flag.

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