Editors' Choice
    Blepharoptosis, Eyelid Malposition, Oculoplastics/Orbit

    In this clinical video, Drs. Thanh Thao Vu, Seanna Grob and Jeremiah Tao insert an autologous fascia frontalis sling in a 14-year-old patient with congenital right upper eyelid ptosis. After the fascia lata sling was harvested from her right leg, a standard upper eyelid crease incision and conservative fat removal blepharoplasty was performed. The 2 ends of the sling are introduced through the upper eyelid crease incision and secured to the anterior tarsal border medially and laterally. The sling is tightened until satisfactory symmetry and contour of the eyelid was achieved, and the eyelid crease incision is closed. The procedure was well-tolerated and the patient subsequently did well at follow-up.

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