By Priya Narang, MS
    2nd Annual Global Video Contest
    Cornea/External Disease

    This video demonstrates a case of traumatic injury by a bull horn. Due to trauma there is a rupture of the globe at the limbus with iris tissue prolapse. Detailed evaluation reveals subluxation of the bag-IOL-complex along with vitreous hemorrhage and the presence of a Soemmering ring that eventually gets dislodged into the posterior cavity during removal of the residual capsular bag. Thorough vitrectomy is performed to clear the vitreous hemorrhage and the dropped Soemmering ring material. The 3-piece IOL is made free from the capsular bag with the help of vitrectomy and the haptics of the same IOL are re-externalized and then tucked into the intrascleral pockets with Glued IOL fixation.