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    Amniotic Membrane, Cornea/External Disease, Ocular Surface Disease

    Dr. John Hovanesian outlines the steps for surgical resection of conjunctival chalasis.

    1. Define the area of removal with a pen
    2. Cut, leaving 1 mm of intact conjunctiva at the limbus
    3. Cauterize the exposed areas
    4. Cut the amniotic membrane (AmbioDry, Katena Surgical) to size within the silver packaging
    5. Apply thrombin, followed by fibrinogen
    6. Place the amniotic membrane over the area
    7. Lift the surrounding conjunctiva around the area
    8. Smooth the underlying graft with non-toothed forceps

    Relevant Financial Disclosures: Dr. John Hovanesian is a consultant for, collects lecture fees and receives grant support from IOP Inc., which is owned by Katena Surgical