YO Video Competition
    Retina/Vitreous, Tumors

    Dr. Christina Weng showcases a 24-year-old female who presented with a combined tractional-rhegmatogenous retinal detachment due to a large retinal capillary hemangioblastoma. Resection of the tumor was needed to address her underlying pathology, but there was concern for excessive bleeding due to the tumor's large feeder vessels. Dr. Weng demonstrates a bimanual surgical technique, in which a 10-0 Prolene suture was used to ligate each of the feeder vessels.  The retinal capillary hemangioblastoma was then excised en bloc through a sclerotomy. This technique allowed for excellent intraoperative hemostasis as well as histopathologic confirmation of the lesion. Postoperatively, the patient's vision improved and her retina remains attached.

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