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    Laser Surgery, Retina/Vitreous, Vitreoretinal Surgery

    In this video, Dr. Jay Sridhar demonstrates a scleral buckle repair of a retinal detachment using an endoilluminating chandelier and endolaser to supplement cryotherapy. The procedure is demonstrated in a 28-year-old patient who presented with vision loss for 2 weeks and a chronic macula involving inferotemporal retinal detachment with retinal holes. During the procedure, Dr. Sridhar recommends using a valve trocar, placed 90 degrees from the area of pathology to minimize risk to the phakic lens. In addition, he recommends holding the chandelier, rather than securing it, to increase control and safety during the procedure. He also offers guidance on marking breaks that are located in a difficult position for cryotherapy. After buckle placement and subretinal fluid drainage, he uses a high-powered probe with continuous laser to treat the break.

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