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    Cataract/Anterior Segment, Complications

    In this video, Dr. Soham Dave demonstrates how to use a glued IOL as a scaffold to perform phacoemulsification of a thick Soemmering ring. He begins by performing a conjunctival peritomy, making sclerotomies under the scleral flaps and performs an anterior vitrectomy to relieve all the vitreous strands. A 3-piece foldable IOL was introduced through the main entry, with the leading haptic pulled through the sclerotomy; the haptics were fixed with tubing to prevent the IOL from dropping. The stable glued IOL was then used as a scaffold, similar to a posterior capsule, allowing the Soemmering ring to be phacoemulsified over it. Both haptics were subsequently secured into the Scharioth tunnels. By 2 weeks postop, the patient achieved a BCVA of 6/12.

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