Cornea/External Disease

    Dr. Nandini Venkateswaran excises a cyst that developed after uncomplicated cataract surgery and grew for 1.5 years, causing corectopia, as well as cystoid macular edema. The cyst recurred 1 month after instillation and drainage of 99% dehydrated alcohol, necessitating actual removal in toto. In the first step, the cyst is deflated by injection of sodium hyaluronate and piercing and retracting of a syringe, which is then exchanged for a syringe of 99% dehydrated alcohol that reinflates the cyst. After 1 minute in the cyst, the alcohol is retracted to deflate the cyst. An anterior vitrector set removes contents of the anterior chamber and ensures removal of all the alcohol. Reinflation with sodium hyaluronate is followed by aspirating and cutting of the cyst wall. As a final step, the anterior chamber is completely cleaned out and a subconjunctival injection of antibiotic is given.

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