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    Cornea/External Disease, Corneal Refractive Surgery, Refractive Mgmt/Intervention

    In this video, Dr. Austin Nakatsuka and colleagues present a case of severe traumatic epithelial ingrowth. Epithelial ingrowth can occur after trauma to a LASIK flap, but can also happen after flap lifts for LASIK retreatments. Mild cases can be monitored unless they induce irregular astigmatism, begin migrating into the visual axis or cause flap melt. YAG laser has been used successfully to eliminate areas of very small ingrowth. Due to the severity of this case, the flap was lifted and the underlying ingrowth was removed. The flap was sutured back into place and the patient did well postoperatively without recurrence.

    Acknowledgments: Ethan Peterson at the Moran Eye Institute

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