By Deependra Vikram Singh, MD, MBBS; Ajay Sharma, MS; Yog Raj Sharma, MD, MBBS
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    Cataract/Anterior Segment, IOLs and Implantation, Retina/Vitreous

    In this video, Dr. Deependra Singh and colleagues describe a small modification for the scleral fixation of 3-piece IOLs. This technique was adapted from a sutureless technique described by Dr. Yannek Leiderman, and inspired by the needle haptic externalization technique described by Dr. Shin Yamane. In this modified technique, a bent 26-gauge needle is used to create the scleral tunnel, and a forceps threads the haptic into a 26-gauge needle. Once threading is complete, the needle and haptic are slowly withdrawn from the tunnel, which tucks the haptic into the tunnel. The conjunctival peritomy over the tunnel is closed with a 8-0 vicryl suture. Dr. Singh has used this technique in 20 cases, including 5 cases with 1 year of follow-up, and has found good IOL stability with no haptic protrusions.

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