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    Cataract/Anterior Segment, IOLs and Implantation

    The flanged intrascleral IOL fixation using the double-needle technique first described by Dr. Shin Yamane involves some challenging steps. Inserting the trailing haptic into the needle lumen is technically difficult because it requires the surgeon to use their left hand. In this video, Dr. Sergio Canabrava details some modifications to simplify this technique:

    • T position: Set a virtual “T” (45°, 135° and 225°) on the slip lamp before the surgery.
    • Double left: In this position, use the left hand to handle the 2 sclerotomies and insert the 2 haptics in the needle with the right hand.
    • Direct haptic: Insert the first haptic directly in the needle lumen. This modification was first described by Dr. Brian Kim.

    Following these 3 steps can help surgeons successfully perform the Yamane technique.

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