By Stylianos A. Kandarakis, MD, PhD
    5th Annual Global Video Contest - Grand Prize Winner
    Cataract/Anterior Segment, IOLs and Implantation

    IOL dislocation secondary to PEX is a very common problem. Surgeons can expect to see more of these patients as it has been almost three decades since cataract surgery has been identified with IOL placement in the capsular bag. Resolving the problem is a challenge and many different techniques have been proposed. Here Dr. Kandarakis of Greece presents the placement of a specially designed lens for scleral fixation called the Carlevale lens, without sutures or glue. The technique may be combined with posterior vitrectomy, but it can also be performed completely from an anterior approach by a skilled anterior segment surgeon as in the presented case. The results are very good and there is no tilting of the lens and no signs of UGH syndrome that usually accompanies other techniques. The same technique has been used to resolve aphakia, traumatic cataracts and IOL exchange.