6th Annual Global Video Contest
    Cataract/Anterior Segment, Trauma

    This case demonstrates how I went about performing Phaco in a partially medically controlled Phacolytic Glaucoma. The initial picture shows an almost Morgagnian Cataract with a pseudohypopyon. In this case after the incisions and stain with Trypan blue, initially there was the problem of performing a Rhexis. Since the bag was not thought to be stable, a CTR was used and Phaco initiated. The CTR aids in keeping the bag from inadvertently being aspirated into the Phaco probe, as well being as aid in Nuclear rotation for easy Phaco. Parameters used were Phaco power (continuous) 80% aspiration flow 40 ml and vacuum 400 mm of Hg. Machine is Oertli Faros. The final picture is taken four hours after surgery and one can appreciate the clear cornea.