By Hamid Sajjadi, MD, FACS
    5th Annual Global Video Contest
    Diagnostic & Imaging, Intracranial Pressure/Headache , Neuro-Ophthalmology/Orbit, Optic Neuropathy , Orbit

    In reviewing over 110 cases of spinal tap proven Pseudotumor cerebri and four cases of brain tumors' optic nerve head 3D OCT, we noticed a finding of posterior orbital side changes on optic nerve shape. The changes were the same in Pseudotumor Cerebri or tumors large enough to cause increased intracranial pressure. These consisted of two type changes: 1. Inward cupping or reverse cupping of the optic nerve at orbital entrance into the globe; 2. Posterior rim erosion in less mild cases. The only way to show these changes were presentation by video, since in the 2D view of the posterior rim is difficult to discern these changes. We are showing one normal case and three cases of increased intracranial pressure in this video.