6th Annual Global Video Contest
    Retina/Vitreous, Trauma

    A patient was referred for management of a dislocated capsular tension ring in the presence of a well-positioned AcIOL. Pars plana vitrectomy ports and a chandelier light were placed and a core vitrectomy was carried out. You can appreciate the dislocated CTR suspended in the vitreous cavity. An MVR blade was next used to extend the superotemporal sclerotomy and an empty CTR injector was introduced through the pars plana. Next, a 23g max-grip forceps was used to engage the capsular tension ring. The eyelet of the CTR was then docked onto the extended tip of the injector. Thereafter, the plunger of the CTR injector was slowly released, in order to retract the CTR in a controlled manner. Care is taken to avoid any undue trauma to the retina. Good visualization and patience are critical for success. We see the final part of the capsular tension ring being pulled out here. Finally, 7-0 vicryl was used to close the superotemporal sclerotomy, and all other ports were closed with 6-0 gut suture.