By Priya Narang, MS
    3rd Annual Global Video Contest
    Cornea/External Disease

    A 56-year-old lady who was operated on a few years back presents with dimness of vision. On examination she has a subluxated capsular bag IOL complex with a capsular tension ring and a dislocated endocapsular segment that is present in the anterior chamber. The suture of the endocapsular segment probably degraded and led to its extrusion from the capsular bag into the anterior chamber. While the bag-IOL complex is being handled, it drops onto the surface of retina. The bag-IOL complex is lifted and all the adhesions are cut with the vitrectomy probe. The capsular tension ring is removed in toto. The presence of a 3-piece IOL into the capsular bag is taken advantage of and the same IOL is fixed with the glued intrascleral fixation technique.