Editors' Choice

    Drs. Mohamed Adenwalla and Hari Mylvaganam describe a case of an Iluvien implant that was found in the subretinal space during a vitrectomy to repair a macula-off rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (RRD). The implant had likely migrated through a horseshoe tear and ended up in the subretinal space before the patient was brought to surgery. They tried to access the subretinal space with a soft-tip cannula to aspirate the implant, which was unsuccessful. An attempt to use PFO to steamroll the implant anteriorly was also ineffective. Next, a large retinectomy was made temporally to gain access to the implant in the subretinal space at the macula. The implant was successfully removed using MaxGrip forceps through the trocar without having to enlarge the sclerotomy.

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