• Strabismus

    Strabismus: A Decision Making Approach, by Drs. Gunter K. von Noorden and Eugene M. Helveston, provides practical approaches to diagnostic, differential diagnostic, and treatment decision making for common and less common forms of strabismus.
     Algorithms or decision trees are simple, effective methods to express this method of problem solving. In this masterful text, the authors depict their mental strategies in decision making in strabismus through a series of algorithms, crafted from years of experience in diagnosis and management of virtually every variety of problem encounter.
    Whereas most textbooks on strabismus and other clinical topics in ophthalmology are organized by disease or organ system, the authors construct the distinct findings and signs in ocular motility and other related disorders into a system for decision making.
    This book bridges the gap between the available textbooks and atlases of strabismus and the actual clinical problem-solving process in an office setting.  It is primarily addressed to residents, general ophthalmologists, optometrists, and orthoptists, but even the pediatric ophthalmologist may find this material helpful.