• Strabismus

    Surgical Management of of Strabismus, by Eugene M. Helveston, MD, is the fifth edition of the author's surgical atlas, representing a scholarly approach to the surgical management of strabismus. The text contains numerous line drawings that are clear and easy to interpret. The book begins with a history of strabismus surgery and anatomy. The next sections deal with details of instrumentation, suture material, knots, and needles. It proceeds with details on surgical approaches for each muscle and adjustable suture techniques, and concludes with a broad section on complication management.
    1. History of strabismus surgery
    2. Surgical anatomy
    3. Parasurgical procedures and preparation
    4. Work-up of the strabismus patient
    5. Diagnostic categories and classifications of strabismus
    6. Mechanics of surgery
    7. Recession of a rectus muscle
    8. Resection of a rectus muscle
    9. Surgery of the obliques
    10. Marginal myotomy: technique and indications
    11. Faden operation 
    12. Adjustable sutures: techniques for restriction
    13. Muscle transposition procedures
    14. Botox 
    15. Telemedicine: distance medicine
    16.  Strabismus case management
    17.  Complications in strabismus surgery