• Written By: Warren Hill, MD
    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    A randomized, prospective study in Ophthalmology evaluated the spherical aberration and depth of focus in 60 patients implanted with aspheric and spherical IOLs. This study demonstrates that a reduction of anterior corneal spherical aberration also results in a decrease in depth of field. In other words, an improvement in "best focus" vision appears to be at the expense of depth of field. Working this problem are thoughtful clinicians like Jay McDonald, MD, in Fayetteville, Arkansas who in unpublished work has found that by making the non-dominant eye about -1.00 D to -1.25 D more myopic than the dominant eye, which is close to emmetropia, an enhanced depth of field can be achieved using an aspheric IOL,  without the loss of binocular vision.