• Cataract/Anterior Segment

    This prospective randomized study compared the results after three months of 65 bilateral cataract patients who underwent unilateral clear corneal phacoemulsification and implantation with either Alcon's aspheric AcrySof IQ SN60WF IOL or spheric AcrySof SA60AT IOL. While the aspheric IOL was associated with some subjective improvement in patients' daily lives, there was no statistically significant difference in visual acuity or vision-related quality of life.

    Wavefront analysis indicated that higher order and spherical aberrations measured were significantly lower in the aspheric IOL patients than in the spheric IOL group three months after surgery. The aspheric IOL patients also experienced improvements in vision-related quality of life, as measured by the NEI Visual Functioning Questionnaire (VFQ-25), and improved on more of the questionnaire's subscales compared with the spheric IOL group. However, these improvements didn't result in better visual acuity.

    The authors conclude that questionnaires specific to glare-related symptoms are required to detect the full benefits of aspherical IOLs.