• Cataract/Anterior Segment

    This retrospective review found that myopic shift from predicted refraction after sulcus fixation of foldable acrylic IOLs differs according to axial length (AL). Therefore, surgeons should take AL into account when determining IOL power for sulcus fixation procedures.

    The authors reviewed the charts of 91 consecutive patients (91 eyes), each of whom underwent primary implantation of sulcus-fixated foldable acrylic IOLs (AcrySof MA60BM and Sensar AR40e multi-piece IOLs, or AcrySof SA60AT and BioVue single-piece IOLs).

    The mean myopic shift from the predicted refraction calculated using the SRK/T formula was -1.04 D ± 0.85 SD with sulcus fixation of the foldable acrylic IOLs. IOL type (multi-piece vs. single-piece) did not affect the degree of myopic shift. However, as AL increased, myopic shift decreased (P = 0.033, r = 0.223, Pearson's correlation).

    They conclude that AL should be considered when adjusting IOL power for sulcus fixation so as not to over- or underestimate postoperative myopic shift in eyes with a short or long AL, respectively.