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    This post hoc analysis of DRCR Retina Network Protocol T examined the link between changes in visual acuity and central subfield thickness in patients with diabetic macular edema (DME).

    Study design

    Investigators included 652 participants from Protocol T who were treated with anti-VEGF injections for DME. They compared changes in OCT measurements of central subfield thickness (CST) with changes in visual acuity.


    Changes in retinal thickness on OCT were poorly correlated with visual acuity outcomes in diabetic macular edema with anti-VEGF therapy. The correlation between CST and VA was 0.24 at 12 weeks, 0.31 at 52 weeks and 0.23 at 104 weeks.


    It is unknown if changes in other OCT features besides retinal thickness maybe associated with vision gains over time.

    Clinical significance

    Many retina specialists use OCT findings to guide treatment decisions for the management of DME. This study shows that in the context of anti-VEGF therapy for DME, changes in retinal thickness are poorly correlated with visual acuity outcomes. Physicians should not rely solely on CST when evaluating patients who are receiving anti-VEGF injections for DME.