• Written By: Anna Singh, MD

    In an effort to investigate the association of anterior chamber depth (ACD) and anterior chamber angle (ACA) with ocular and global parameters, the authors of this study measured by slit-lamp-based optical coherence tomography the anterior chamber dimensions of 2,985 participants in the Beijing Eye Study 2006, all of whom were at least age 45.

    The mean ACD measured 2.42 ± 0.34 mm and the mean ACA was 38.3 ± 16.3 degrees. In multivariate analysis, a shallow chamber depth and narrow ACA were significantly associated with ocular parameters, such as hyperopia, nuclear cataract, small optic disk, and presence of angle closure glaucoma, and global parameters, such as age, female gender, and short body stature. These data explain anatomic relationships of the anterior segment of the eye and elucidate risk factors of angle-closure glaucoma in the Chinese adult population.

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