• Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Glaucoma

    A team of distinguished glaucoma specialists, with financial support from Allergan, Inc., have created an educational activity called FORGE (Focusing Ophthalmology on Reframing Glaucoma Evaluation) to provide recommendations on the use and interpretation of structural and functional measures in the diagnosis and ongoing management of glaucoma. 

    The first presentation, FORGE I, examines the relationship between structural damage and functional loss in glaucoma.  Among the highlights, it provides clinicians with five rules to aid in optic nerve assessment. 

    • Observe the scleral ring to identify the limits of the optic disc and its size 
    • Identify the size of the rim 
    • Examine the retinal nerve fiber layer 
    • Examine the region of parapapillary atrophy 
    • Look for retinal and optic disc hemorrhages

     Download a pdf of FORGE I