• Written By: Bennie H. Jeng, MD
    Cornea/External Disease

    This study retrospectively compared intraoperative and one-month postoperative Descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty (DSAEK) outcomes in 26 patients (28 eyes) that had undergone previous trabeculectomy or tube shunt procedures and 325 control DSAEK patients (431 eyes) without glaucoma surgery.

    The authors found reasonably low rates of dislocation (3.6 percent) and graft decentration (3.6 percent) in the glaucoma surgery group, which were not significantly different from the control group (2.3 percent and 0.2 percent). There were no cases of primary graft failure in either group. There was one episode of pupillary block glaucoma in the control group and none in the study group. However, there were significantly more intraoperative complications in the study group (7.1 percent vs. 0.23 percent; P < 0.001).

    The authors conclude that patients with previous glaucoma surgery and endothelial failure can achieve successful early DSAEK outcomes and may benefit significantly from the procedure.