• Cataract/Anterior Segment

    The new Haigis-L formula for calculating appropriate IOL power in patients who have previously undergone refractive laser surgery for myopia is described in this article by the formula's creator, Wolfgang Haigis, PhD, MS.

    He reports the clinical results of cataract surgery with 32 IOL types implanted by 57 surgeons in 187 eyes after laser treatment for myopia. Ignoring a previous refractive surgery and treating a patient like a normal cataract case by applying the regular Haigis formula predicted a mean postoperative hyperopia of 1.28 ± 0.83 D. Use of the Haigis-L formula predicted a mean error of -0.04 D ± 0.70.

    Haigis concludes that the new algorithm allows predictable IOL implantation outcomes solely using current measurement data in eyes that have undergone corneal refractive surgery for myopia.