• Ocular Pathology/Oncology, Retina/Vitreous

    This retrospective study describes the authors’ experience using intravitreal chemotherapy to treat non-vitreous disease that is refractory to intra-arterial chemotherapy.

    Study design

    The authors reviewed records from 56 eyes of 52 patients with retinoblastoma who underwent intravitreal chemotherapy for indications other than vitreous seeds (e.g., subretinal seeds, anterior chamber seeds or recurrent retinal tumors).


    Their study reveals that intravitreal chemotherapy is useful in indications other than vitreous seeding. Recurrence occurred in 14% of patients, and globe salvage was possible in 97% of patients at 30 months.


    This study was limited by its retrospective design and small sample size.

    Clinical significance

    Intravitreal chemotherapy can be successful for the treatment of subretinal seeds and recurrent retinal tumors and could be considered as an adjunctive therapy in globe-sparing treatment of retinoblastoma.