• Retina/Vitreous

    Review of: Utilization of bevacizumab injections in Medicare fee for service in the IRIS® Registry

    Repka M, Glasser D, Cohen C, et al. Ophthalmology Retina, in press

    This IRIS Registry study assessed use of bevacizumab among patients with Medicare fee-for-service health insurance between 2013 and 2019.

    Study design

    Researchers used the IRIS Registry database to identify the volume and type of anti-VEGF agents injected at participating practices. The patient’s insurance status was recorded (Medicare fee for service, Medicare Advantage and other insurance).


    A total of 21,441,154 anti-VEGF injections were identified during this study period across all eye disease indications. There was a significant decline in bevacizumab use across all payers. The lowest relative utilization of bevacizumab has been consistently in the Medicare fee-for-service population.


    Without more granularity, there is no means of specifically identifying the reason for declining bevacizumab use, which could be related to reduced drug margins or patient concerns about repackaged medication or off-label use.

    Clinical significance

    This analysis demonstrates a significant decline in bevacizumab use and consistently lower use in the Medicare fee-for-service population. Medicare payment policy could be used to increase the proportion of patients treated with bevacizumab.