• Written By: Deepak Edward, MD

    Subconjunctival needling revision using 5-fluorouracil (5FU) is one of many variations of bleb needling that offers a reasonably effective way to rescue failing filtering blebs and avoiding additional surgery in these patients.

    In this study, the authors retrospectively review the charts of 37 glaucoma patients who had bleb needling using 5FU at least one year after their original trabeculectomy surgery. IOP decreased by an average of 10.5 mm Hg (44.8 percent) immediately after the needling procedure.

    At two years follow-up, this technique successfully lowered IOP in about 30 percent of patients, defined as IOP control with no further needling revision, surgical intervention, or antiglaucoma medication in the two-year follow-up period. Thirteen eyes (35.1 percent) achieved a qualified success, defined as IOP control with resumed medication use, undergoing a laser procedure or a repeat needling within the follow-up period. Thirteen eyes (35.1 percent) failed the procedure by requiring a repeat surgical intervention.