• Oculoplastics/Orbit

    Monocanalicular repair has been reported with varying anatomical and functional success rates. While it is possible for normal tear drainage to occur with only one functioning canaliculus, it is difficult to gauge whether or not a repaired patent canaliculus is functioning. That's why in this prospective study, researchers examined whether a repaired canaliculus provides adequate drainage when the fellow punctum is occluded using a silicone punctal plug.

    Eight patients underwent repair of a monocanalicular laceration using a Mini-Monoka stent. Five injuries involved the lower canaliculus, two the upper, and one the upper and lower but only the lower was repaired. A silicone punctal plug was placed in the unaffected punctum on the injured side and corresponding punctum on the fellow eye. Plugs were left in place for seven to 17 days.

    This technique provided a functioning system in 88 percent of cases. Only one patient, who had a partial nasolacrimal duct obstruction and no canalicular stenosis, watered during plug placement.

    The authors conclude that repair of a monocanalicular laceration is achievable and the use of a Mini-Monoka stent did not compromise the undamaged canaliculus.