• Cataract/Anterior Segment

    Researchers retrospective reviewed of 32 patients (43 eyes) dissatisfied with their multifocal IOLs. Patients complained of blurred vision: ametropia (12 eyes, 29 percent), dry eye syndrome (6 eyes, 15 percent), posterior capsule opacification (22 eyes, 54 percent), and unexplained etiology (1 eye, 2 percent).  And photic phenomena: IOL decentration (2 eyes, 12 percent), retained lens fragment (1 eye, 6 percent), posterior capsule opacification (12 eyes, 66 percent), dry eye syndrome (1 eye, 2 percent), and unexplained etiology (2 eyes, 11 percent). 

    Of these 43eyes, only 7 percent (three eyes) required lens exchange, while 81 percent (35 eyes) improved with conservative treatment, including keratorefractive surgery for residual ametropia, pharmacologic agents or laser iridoplasty for photic phenomena or IOL decentration, and Nd:YAG laser capsulotomy for early PCO, which the authors recommend delaying until determining that IOL exchange is unnecessary.