• Cataract/Anterior Segment

    The authors evaluated intraocular scattering in eyes with nuclear, cortical and posterior subcapsular cataracts using an objective scatter index (OSI) obtained from double-pass images. They found that agreement between the OSI and lens opacities classification system III (LOCS III) was good, and suggest that the OSI be used in combination with other conventional procedures in clinical practice to grade cataracts objectively and evaluate intraocular scattering.

    The study included 136 patients with cataracts plus healthy controls. Subjects underwent examination that included subjective refraction, BSCVA, and cataract grade using LOCS III and OSI.

    The authors found a decrease in BSCVA and an increase in OSI with increasing cataract grade. Agreement between OSI and LOCS III regarding the number of eyes classified in equivalent levels was 72.4 percent for nuclear cataracts, 86.6 percent for cortical cataracts and 84.3 percent for posterior subcapsular cataracts.

    They conclude that OSI measurement provides a useful tool for detecting incipient cataracts. They say the main advantage of using double-pass measurements is that it involves an objective procedure that does not require the active participation of the patient or the physician.