• Written By: J. Bradley Randleman, MD
    Refractive Mgmt/Intervention

    The authors of this article reported on the efficacy of online optical coherence pachymetry (OCP) at measuring preoperative pachymetry and intraoperative flap thicknesses and found that the results correlated well with traditional ultrasound pachymetry. This technique may allow for the measurement of ablation depths in real time in the future and for even greater ablation customization.

    The researchers examined 1859 consecutive eyes that underwent LASIK with the Zyoptix 217z100 excimer laser system (Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, N.Y.). The subjects were evaluated continuously intraoperatively with the OCPonline (Heidelberg Engineering Inc., Vista, Calif.), an online OCP device incorporated into the Zyoptix system.

    They also underwent preoperative pachymetry with the Orbscan II (Bausch & Lomb) and a DGH Technology, Inc., Pachette 2 device (Exton, Pa.). Preoperative pachymetry measurements and actual flap thicknesses were recorded for 1253 eyes with the Hansatome microkeratome (Bausch & Lomb), 136 eyes with the Zyoptix XP microkeratome (Bausch & Lomb), and 470 eyes with the IntraLase FS30 femtosecond laser keratome (Advanced Medical Optics, Inc., Santa Ana, CA).

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