• Written By: Liliana Werner, MD, PhD
    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    Investigators used ultrasound biomicroscopy to evaluate 46 eyes with glued transscleral-fixated posterior chamber IOLs, implanted due to inadequate capsule support. At a mean follow-up of two years, they detected no significant IOL optic tilt affecting postoperative vision.  Reliability was good, with the haptics located in the intended position in more than 90 percent of eyes.

    Of the 46 eyes, 8 (17.4 percent) showed optic tilt. Of 92 haptics examined, 85 (92.4 percent) were in the ciliary sulcus and 7 (7.6 percent) in the pars plicata. There was no significant association between the presence of optic tilt and haptic location.

    The mean ocular residual astigmatism (ORA) was 0.5 D. There was no significant difference in ORA between eyes with tilt and eyes without tilt. There was no significant correlation between ORA and IOL position. There was no correlation of optic tilt and postoperative vision or cylinder.