• Pediatric Ophth/Strabismus

    Researchers used both the digital plusoptiX and the Medical Technology and Innovations (MTI) photoscreeners to examine 151 children as part of a comprehensive pediatric ophthalmic examination. The MTI results were evaluated by an expert masked examiner, and the plusoptiX results were interpreted by the incorporated software. 

    While both devices proved to be effective when compared with a comprehensive cycloplegic pediatric ophthalmic examination, the plusoptiX device was superior in all categories, demonstrating a sensitivity of 98.9 percent (compared to the MTI's 83.6 percent), a specificity of 96.1 percent (compared to MTI's 90.5 percent), a false-positive rate of 3.7 percent (compared to MTI's 9.4 percent), a false-negative rate of 1 percent (compared to MTI's 16.3 percent), and a positive predictive value of 97.9 percent (compared to MTI's 94.2 percent).