• Cataract/Anterior Segment

    Staar toric IOLs show good, long-term rotational stability, even after laser capsulotomy, the authors of this study found. They concluded that if an IOL is correctly oriented in the capsular bag beyond the immediate postoperative period, it should remain rotationally stable for life.

    The researchers retrospectively reviewed the records of 72 patients (115 eyes) implanted with Staar toric IOL models AA4203TF or AA4203TL (Staar Surgical Company, Monrovia, Calif.) by one surgeon over a six-year period. A mean of 26.2 months after cataract surgery, 42 (36.5 percent) of the eyes underwent Nd:YAG capsulotomy due to posterior capsule opacification. Slit-lamp retroillumination photographs were taken two weeks after laser capsulotomy in 25 of the 42 eyes (19 patients) and compared with pictures taken two weeks after cataract surgery.

    The researchers determined that the difference in axis alignment before and after posterior capsulotomy was 1.36 degrees. In no case did it exceed 5 degrees, which is within the expected range of measurement error. They found no evidence of late IOL rotation from asymmetric contraction of the capsular bag or of rotation following laser capsulotomy.