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    Patients with glaucoma can reliably perform self-tonometry using a portable rebound device, according to this prospective study.

    Study design

    To assess patient’s ability to self-administer rebound tonometry, investigators recruited 100 consecutive ocular hypertensive or glaucoma patients and tested whether they could correctly use the Icare Home device.


    Among 100 patients who were trained to use the tonometer, 73 consistently produced IOP measurements within 5 mm Hg of levels obtained by physicians. An additional 6 participants showed consistently good technique, but less accurate readings.

    Regardless of performance, most participants required only about 20 minutes to learn how to use the instrument and described the process as easy and comfortable.


    Self-administered tonometry yielded lower pressures when compared to the gold standard, Goldmann applanation tonometry. It is also unclear how this technology could be applied to improve patient outcomes.

    Clinical significance

    This study demonstrates that motivated patients could be reliably asked to check their own pressures at home. Moreover, this device has the potential to improve patient engagement, as it directly involves patients in their own care.