• Written By: Commentary by Jack A. Singer, MD
    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    This retrospective review of 30 myopic patients who underwent LASIK and subsequent phacoemulsification and posterior chamber IOL implantation showed that a regression-derived formula based on average central corneal power (ACCP) over the central 3.0 mm zone and laser-induced refraction change yielded highly accurate corneal power estimation results. Calculations made with this formula compared favorably with results using formulas based on ACCP3mm alone or simulated keratometry values and spherical equivalent change.

    The authors used a Tomey (Phoenix, Ariz.) topography modeling system to conduct the study. They recommended use of the adjusted ACCP in a double-K modified third-generation IOL formula or in the Holladay 2 fourth-generation IOL formula. They also advised against the use of the historical K method.


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