• Written By: Anna Singh, MD

    This Los Angeles Latino Eye Study report examined the association between biologic factors and intraocular pressure (IOP) in Latino individuals aged 40 and older. This research is important since by identifying at-risk individuals who may be able to modify their risk factors, it may be possible to decrease the burden of undetected eye disease within the Latino population.

    Subjects in this population-based cross-sectional study were administered questionnaires by interviewers and underwent complete ocular and clinical examinations. Of the 5,958 participants, all of whom were required not to have been previously treated for glaucoma or undergone laser or incisional surgery, 281 were found by the study's researchers to have definite or probable open-angle glaucoma and 215 ocular hypertension.

    Higher systolic and diastolic blood pressure, higher central corneal thickness, diagnosis with diabetes mellitus, and higher body mass index were significant factors associated with elevated IOP. Axial length and family history of glaucoma were not associated with IOP.


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