• Retina/Vitreous

    This retrospective study included five patients (five eyes) who suffered complications during vitrectomy surgery associated with clear corneal incisions from previous cataract surgery. In all eyes, the cataract wound leaked extensively with minimal manipulation of the sclera at the pars plana.  Four eyes developed choroidal detachment associated with hypotony, three of which developed hemorrhagic choroidal detachment with subretinal and/or vitreous hemorrhage. One eye developed iris incarceration and anterior subluxation of a sulcus-placed IOL. Median final visual acuity was 20/400 (range, 20/40 to hand motions). The retina remained attached in all cases at the latest follow-up visit.

    The authors advised careful inspection of the corneal wound at the start of the vitrectomy and closure of the wound with sutures if it appears to leak with minimal manipulation. This should help to minimize additional intraoperative and/or long-term complications.