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    In this study, investigators describe the outcomes of 17 patients with ocular pyogenic granulomas who treated with topical timolol.

    Study design

    The authors performed an interventional retrospective study on 17 patients with ocular pyogenic granulomas. Approximately 29% of patients had failed prior treatment with topical steroids. Patients were treated with timolol 0.5% twice a day and followed weekly for up to 6 weeks.


    Complete resolution of ocular pyogenic granuloma was noted in 88% of patients who were treated for a mean duration of 3 weeks. The remaining 12% of patients failed to respond and underwent surgical excision.


    The study was limited by its retrospective study design and small sample size.

    Clinical significance

    Pyogenic granulomas are traditionally treated with steroids or surgical excision. Timolol—a relatively inexpensive generic drug that has a low side-effect profile—could be beneficial for treating these lesions in children or patients who are known steroid responders.