• Retina/Vitreous

    This analysis of data from the Beaver Dam Eye Study found a modest association of vasodilator use with the incidence of early AMD and use of β-blockers with the incidence of exudative AMD. If replicated, this finding may have significant implications for the care of older adults.

    Over the 20-year study period, the five-year incidence for early AMD was 8.4%, 1.4% for late AMD, 0.6% for pure geographic atrophy, 0.9% for wet AMD, and 24.9% for progression of AMD. After adjusting for age, gender and other factors, using a vasodilator, particularly oral nitroglycerin, was associated with a 72% increase in the hazard of incidence of early AMD, and use of oral β-blockers is associated with a 71% increase in the hazard of incident exudative AMD.

    Although antihypertensive medications have been associated with AMD before, vasodilator medications have not.