• Written By: Srinivas R. Sadda, MD

    A number of genetic susceptibility loci for AMD have been identified over the past few years, most notably complement factor H (CFH) and a chromosone 10q locus (probably LOC387715). In this study, the authors provide evidence that a polymorphism in the VEGF gene increases the risk of AMD in Brazilians.

    They examined 160 affected individuals and 140 sex- and age-matched controls. AMD risk increased 1.5-fold per copy of the wild (minor) T allele and 3.6-fold for T homozygous compared to homozygous carriers of the ancestral (major) C allele.

    Controlling for CFH and LOC387715, the risk was three times higher for subjects homozygous for VEGF rs1413711 (TT genotype). Heterozygous status did not confer a higher risk of developing the disease.