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    Dry Eye vs. Neuropathic Pain: Which is Which?

    1-Minute Video
    Cornea/External Disease, Dry Eye

    Dr. Anat Galor provides tips on teasing apart the symptoms of dry eye disease from those of neuropathic pain in this 1-Minute Video. Patients who experience ocular burning, or sensitivity to light and wind, are apt to have sensitized nerves rather than an ocular surface tear film dysfunction. A disconnect between the patient's symptoms and signs on an ocular surface exam may further indicate neuropathic pain, Dr. Galor says. Patients who experience pain lasting longer than 15 seconds after receiving paracain eye drops, or those with tell-tale comorbidities (e.g., migraine, fibromyalgia, low back pain, depression or a history of LASIK) are likely to have sensitized nerves rather than dry eye disease. 

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