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    Iris-sutured IOL Explantation

    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    Drs. Riley Sanders, Abdel Elhusseiny, and Ahmed Sallam demonstrate a simple technique for iris-sutured IOL explantation in the case of displacement. The video includes illustrations as they discuss the technique, which eliminates the risks of IOL posterior dislocation and iris trauma. They begin by opening the conjunctiva, setting up a 3-port vitrectomy, removing the hyaloid, and performing a pars plana vitrectomy for lens removal and exchange. After making a couple of 1-mm anterior chamber (AC) paracentesis incisions for manipulating the lens in the AC, the free-hanging displaced haptic is grabbed and brought into the AC. Then the lens can be freed in a way that pulls on the haptic without inducing further iris trauma. 

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