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    1-Minute Video; YO Video Competition
    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    In this 1-Minute Video, Dr. Cristos Ifantides describes a new technique, dubbed "rotary chop," to master phaco chop. Rotary chop involves partial-thickness pilot holes, created by the phacoemulsification tip around the periphery of the nucleus, to produce a rotary-phone dial appearance on the surface of the cataract. Using the pilot holes, the surgeon is able to place the chopper deep into the body of the nucleus, avoiding both the need to apply vertical force to the nucleus and zonular stress. Young surgeons can use this technique during routine cataract surgery to quickly master the movements needed for both vertical and horizontal chop. This video was awarded second place in the 2020 YO Video Competition.

    Relevant Financial Disclosures: Dr. Ifantides has no related financial disclosures.