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    2022 Update on Thyroid Eye Disease Treatment

    Glaucoma Subspecialty Day 2022
    Glaucoma, IOP and Aqueous Flow, Motility, Neuro-Ophthalmology/Orbit, Oculoplastics/Orbit, Thyroid Eye Disease

    In this presentation from Glaucoma Subspecialty Day 2022, Dr. Prem Subramanian reviews what is old and new in thyroid eye disease (TED), focusing on nonsurgical treatment. TED presents with orbital and periocular changes that include proptosis, conjunctival injection and chemosis, eyelid retraction, swelling and redness, and/or restricted ocular motility. Goals of therapy include reducing the inflammatory response, preventing fibroblast transformation, avoiding fat proliferation, and reversing or preventing characteristic TED changes. Dr. Subramanian discusses various agents such as corticosteroids, rituximab, tocilizumab, teprotumumab, VRDN-001, and IMVT-1401.