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    Anterior Segment Innovators and Influencers: Pediatric Refractive Surgery Update

    Pediatric Subspecialty Day 2020
    Complications, Diagnostic & Imaging, External/Anterior Segment, Pediatric Ophth/Strabismus

    In this presentation, Dr. Lawrence Tychsen provides a pediatric refractive surgery update, including discussion visual acuity, refractive error, and regression outcomes in 169 children with high myopia who were received the Ophtec-Artisan or Visian phakic IOL. Dr. Tychsen reviews off-label use of refractive surgery for the treatment of anisometropic amblyopia and isoametropic blur-induced blindness in selected groups of visually impaired children. He discusses comorbidities, including neurobehavioral disorder, amblyopia, nystagmus, and optic neuropathy.